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I miss her.

It’s 5:54 and I have still had no sleep at all I just recently came across an old song from myppast. I can’t stop listening to it and for something that use to bring me so much happiness it now makes me feel empty, sad and lonely and it hurts. I was in a long distance relationship a while a go and it was probably the most happiest time of my life I finally found a girl that genuinely loved me and wasn’t using me for attention etc, you know the funny thing about perfection it is very rare and when you finally find it it’s almost scary it blows you away and you just want to capture it forever and well she was in my opinion the definition of perfect. This girl, this one beautiful, rare, funny and down right amazing girl made me happy, she didn’t see how perfect she was, I tried to tell her every day, we skypedevery day till we fell asleep, we helped each other through hard times and I truly loved her to the bottom of my heart and it scared me. This song use to be mine and hers and she sung it to me all the time. But the sad thing about perfection you can loose sight of it or try to protect it to the point of losing it and well guess what I fucked up everything I search for and cherished I just chucked away because I was scared, my stupid head started to screw with me I thought I wasn’t good enough for her, I thought I was going to fuck up and was going to hurt her because well that’s what I’m best at right? I’m always a burden I always some how fuck everything up and well guess what I did I ended it with her because of my fears I thought if I just did it then she would be better off, seeing her cry so much and feel so much pain killed me inside and I’m an idiot. After we parted ways I got on with college and my life I always felt something was missing but just ignored it telling myself it’s nothing and I got on with it and now after hearing the song again it hurts so much I miss her, I wish I didn’t do what I did, I think I still love her but I’m still trying to figure it out. Life without her is shit. I don’t expect sympathy from anyone who reads this I just want to vent plus I want to ask anyone who does read this if you have found that one person don’t throw it away hold on to it and never let go don’t take it for granted that person is rare and more valuable than anything you could imagine. She was a true princess and I miss her.


Check out Black Desert’s incredibly detailed character creation system

Black Desert has a uniquely detailed character creation system, and a video released this week on the Black Desert Online YouTube channel shows just how customizable characters can be.

South Korean developer Pearl Abyss is creating the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Black Desert will feature a sandbox-styled world with its own weather system and the character creation system in the video above. According to its official Korean language Facebook page, the game’s second closed beta begins April 22 in South Korea, but the MMORPG hasn’t been announced for a Western release.

(Link to the full story)

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